About Us


Drowning Mona was founded in 2004 by vocalist, Lisa Chapman, bassist, Danny Dena, and drummer, DX Garcia. At that time, the San Antonio music scene was dominated by heavy metal bands, screaming male vocals and mosh pits. Fronted by a female vocalist, Drowning Mona stood out among the local acts and began to quickly establish themselves across south Texas. Their professionalism, tight musicianship and genuine performances captivated audiences and developed their reputation as a band to follow.

2009 - Drowning Mona released their first self-titled album, produced by Art Guillermo (The Living Room Productions). The song “Over Now”,  the album’s lead single and the band’s first music video, continues to be one of their best-selling songs today. 

2011 - DM released the single “Plastic People” globally through multiple digital channels such as iTunes, GooglePlay, iHeartRadio and Spotify. “Plastic People” was placed in the weekly rotation as part of the 99.5 KISS Texas Traxx radio show, hosted by Randy Bonillas. 

September 2012 - DM was invited work with Halestorm producer, David Ivory (Ivory Productions) on their second full length album. After receiving David’s creative input, DM left Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to finish the album with San Antonio native, singer and producer Bryan Scott (Union Underground). With his vision and featured vocals on tracks “Blinded” and “Crashing Down”, Bryan took the band to a new level with the release of Controlled Chaos in 2015. 

2015 - DM focused on touring and promoting Drowning Mona and Controlled Chaos, which were both accepted onto Pandora. Drowning Mona has evolved and matured to the permanent lineup of Lisa, Danny, DX, and guitarists Chuck Fulcher and Joel Chapman.

Currently, Drowning Mona has gone back into the studio with producer, Taz Osterhouse (Blue Ocean Music Group) to complete their new EP Unfiltered Radio, releasing in June 2019.



Drowning Mona has received the following honors at the annual San Antonio Music Awards:

Best Female Vocalist

(Lisa Chapman)


Best Performance


Fan Appreciation Award


Best Rock Band


Best Guitarist

(Chuck Fulcher)


Music Achievement Award

(Lisa Chapman)


Street Cred


As they expanded throughout Texas, DM performed at a number of events and festivals including SXSW, Formula One Racing and the ROT Rally in Austin, as well as Fiesta Oysterbake, Pridefest, South Texas Bike Rally and the Margarita Pour-Off in San Antonio. They have also shared the stage with bands like Local H, Veruca Salt, Saving Abel, Trapt, Buck Cherry, In This Moment, Candlebox, Theory of a Deadman and Nothing More.